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Helping Alien Abductees



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This is a healing place for those that have feelings or memories of abduction experiences. The feelings may be faint and only come when you are just waking from sleep ...or maybe heavy and surface during your waking hours. The memories could be like a fractal - all broken up in bits and pieces in your mind, or you may have actual flash-back pictures that re-occur in your mind.

Alien abduction has been said to have affected over 20 million indiviuals. It is not rare; it's simply not spoken about in public. For those that feel they have experienced this event or just wonder why they have such strange dreams or fleeting memories of something that they cannot put into words...we are here.

Together, professionals, Robert Keller and Francy Saunders, work with clients having problems in their lives due to a feeling that they have had experiences that are paranormal or unexplained. It can be a very lonely life when you have to keep a secret inside of you...a life that can start to change over the years when you are unable to put a clear memory to an event. Using hynotherapy in combination with intuitive channeling will allow you to understand, accept and then heal from your past and often on-going experiences.

We hope you will call our office and leave us a message and we will return your call and talk to you about our therapy sessions. All of our clients are valued and confidential therapy can help you remove the confusion you may be experiencing and begin to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our services in this area are unique and we understand that your experiences are unique. Read a little more about us and then call our offices. Your appointment time will be set and you will feel like you are starting a new path. A life lived in gray tones can come alive with color again. We look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you, just for reading this site and making a call for an appointment takes courage but think how good it will be to release your memories, pain or worry and begin a life with clarity.